My name is Ilona Ciunaite. I have been a tattoo artist for about 14 years and I can say that I have found my passion. I love creating unique designs and drawing on skin. I learned to tattoo from my husband Mantas- he has inspired, taught and guided me in many ways. My favorite styles are Floral - I love drawing flowers, Tribal designs because it is so ancient and powerful. I also love creating patterns, especially Mehndi style and enjoy doing cover up tattoos as it gives me a challenge and satisfaction when I see how the old transforms into the new. (Not all tattoos can be covered). I prefer big tattoos to small as it gives room for detail. Please click on the link below to explore my galleries. If you like what you see and would like to get a custom tattoo, please come in for a chat or email me. I will be happy to help. More about me