On this page you will find Tattoo Advice for before, during and after the session. Please read carefuly.
We get people asking for tattoo advice every day. One thing I must say, no one can tell you what tattoo to have. It is your own choice as you are the only one who will be wearing it. I have written a tattoo advice where I answered most common questions that we get asked. It may help you if you feel stuck in finding ideas on where to find your dream tattoo. Please read this first before contacting us with your questions. If you have other questions please e-mail them to us and we will answer. The success of your tattoo depends on how serious you are about it. Do not rush, as the mistakes are not easy to fix. A Tattoo Artist's Tips for a Successful Tattoo
Do not expose new tattoo to UV rays for as long as 4-6 weeks. Sun would make it fade. Later if you go on the strong sun, apply sun block cream over it. Biggest mistakes people do is by putting too much cream for too long, that makes tattoo heal longer. Make sure you are not overdoing the cream. Follow your tattooist's advice thoroughly and do not listen to your friends. Any questions- do not hesitate to ask us.
Your tattoo will be covered with cling film and secured with micropore tape. Morning after, remove the cover and wash your tattoo with warm soapy water. Any shower gel is fine. Be gentle, do not rub it. Pat it dry with the towel and wait for a few minutes until it dries completely.
Apply a very thin layer of BEPANTHEN cream. Make sure to remove any excess cream with tissue, it should not be white once the cream is applied. Put another cling film on fix it with the tape and keep that till next morning. If it's comfortable do the same once more: wash it, cream it and cling film it. So that it's covered for up to 3 days and nights. If it gets too irritating, hot, do not recover it. After that wash your tattoo daily and apply the cream twice for the rest of the weak (morning and evening). If it feels dry, apply a thin layer in the afternoon. Do not use the Bepanthen cream for more than 7 days in total. You may apply some normal moisturiser/ lotion after the first week, but that is not necessary, the skin heals by itself. The tattoo will be peeling like sunburned skin, just let it heal, do not pick it or scratch.
Do not soak it in a water, no bath, no steam rooms, swimming etc. until healed. Quick showers are fine and you need to wash your tattoo daily.
Do not have a party night before your session as you will be tired and will bleed more. Alcohol thins the blood, so it is more difficult to put the ink in the skin so that it stays. When tattoos bleed a lot, they are likely to heal lighter. Big meal before tattoo will make it easier. Make sure you eat, as that keeps your blood sugar levels up and it may prevent fainting (first timers especially). If the area where you want your tattoo done is hairy, please shave it in the morning in the shower. Shave bigger area to allow space for the micropore tape, as your tattoo will be dressed after.
It is a good idea to get Bepanthen cream, clingfilm and tape ready before getting tattoo. Bring yourself a drink, something sweet, like chocolate, to keep you strong during the session.