Welcome to Mantas Tattoo Website

We are Mantas and Ilona and we are tattoo artists.

Mantas Tattoo has been established in 2000 and since then we have grown a loyal following.

We work with each client personally and we aim to give you tattoos that are admired now and for years to come. We focus on quality and we love what we do.

You will not find books of flash in our studio, where you can pick a design like many others and get it done today. We work by appointments only, you supply your ideas and images and we make it happen. 

Feel free to browse our galeries. You may need to refresh the pages to see our latest additions. For work in progress photos, please visit our Facebook page

If you like our work and want to get a new tattoo or fix and old one send 

us an email to iandmtattoos@gmail.com or visit us at the studio. We are not that far away.


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